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Sartori, skilled carpenters from 1907

We are woodworkers and carpenters with over hundred years of experience.

We design and make custom made furnishings both for private and businesses. In our carpentry in Mariano del Friuli we combine tradition with innovation to create interiors for homes, professional studios, shops, hospitality businesses, places of entertainment and public interest.

During our long history we developed a flexible working method that meets the most diverse needs and allows us to always guarantee:

  • Precision in the designing process and details
  • Care in the making
  • Quality of materials
  • Punctuality and Accuracy of delivery
  • reliable and full-Service
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Working method

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Last projects


In this case the LIGHT is the protagonist. Together with white (light) colored furniture, we proposed our idea for resin: […]

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It was a deep research inside the nature of humans and their needs to take care of their body, so […]

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